The Casablanca Hassan II Mosque is located on the Corniche waterfront. It is one of the few mosques that is open to non-Muslims, the only one in Morocco, and he must go through Due tour, otherwise we can only see from the doors open a few views from inside, outside of prayer times.

The mosque was built in 1989. The minaret measuring 200m in height, but the muezzin who comes to make the call to prayer has an elevator to go up. It is the second largest mosque in the world after Mecca! It was built by the French architect Pinseau and Bouygues.C'est an advanced sea that did not exist before, half the course is actually on the ocean atlantique.On visit the prayer room and then ablution places where we wash before d'aller pray 5 times a day. This place also has modern touches, chandeliers descending from the ceiling all alone, the sunroof or the protection against earthquakes.

Flooring stone, marble and granite

All materials travertine, marble and granite, which recouvrentles floors and walls, is of Moroccan origin, mined in South careers Marocain.Le everything has required the extraction of 65,000 tons of marble, granite and travertine order to realize a finished product corresponding to 25,000 tons, to do this, the amount of Career slaughtered materials amounted to 367,000 tons.

Openable roof of the mosque

The roof opening on the prayer room of a developed area of ​​4200m2, covers an 70mx25m of opening at 61.20NGM. It is made of a type of three-dimensional light metal frame, its underside is made of handcrafted wood trim treated by flocking firewall and attached to a subframe, its surface is covered with insulating panels and copper, its Crawling are covered with insulating panels and tiles of 300,000 units cast aluminium.Son total weight is 1100 tons.


In the titanium exterior doors are incorporated brassware items carved copper, according to a Moroccan crafts 980m2 surface: The balconies of the Minaret hall are coated with brass craftsmen worked; The brass chandeliers are installed in various public areas; 100 units with a diameter of over 1m; plafonneries 200 units and dimensions smaller appliques.


50 chandeliers and sconces 8 of the Hall of Prayer and the lobby Minaret, are made of Venetian glass in Murano worked in Italy and have dimensions unusual: 7 6m diameter, 10m height, weight 1200Kgs. 18 of 4.5m diameter, 7.5m height, weight 800kgs. 25 3m diameter, 5m height, weight 600kgs.

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Hassan II Mosque is not only a technological challenge, a challenge to all levels hitherto known, the strength of materials, the balance of masses and volumes.
It provided the largest field ever created given the talent of thousands of Moroccan artisans.